Just Me, Being Silly!

While showering earlier, I thought of a joke :

Andy and Joe is a gay couple. They have been together for almost 3 months. But despite the fact that they are together, Andy, being a slutty gay, have been naughty outside of Joe’s acknowledgement. One day, Andy was having a dreadful fever, so he went to a clinic and had his blood checked. To his surprise, Andy was diagnosed with HIV.

Sad, Andy came home to Joe and told him everything. Joe was furious to find out that Andy was being unfaithful, but soon came to his sense when he saw Andy’s sad face.

Joe : That’s okay dear. What’s done is done. You don’t have to be so sad. It’s not like I’m gonna leave you for this.
Andy : (Shocked) You wouldn’t leave me? Even after knowing I’m HIV positive?
Joe : Why would I? I loved you before, and I will always love you no matter what.
Andy : (In tears) You have no idea how grateful I am to know that you love me that much.
Joe : So stop the tears now okay. Don’t be sad.
Andy : How could I not be sad? I’m HIV positive. I don’t know from which sex partner I got it from. And I’m even more sad now, knowing that you will always be here with me. Because I’m scared that I might infect you with HIV.
Joe : You don’t have to worry about that dear. I’ve been positive for 10 years!
Andy : …………………………….

Tak paham? Baeklahhhhhh~~~~


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