When Things Fall Apart, Remember……………


I would like to personally say how sorry I am, as my blog entries nowadays seem a bit self-unsufficiency regarding yours truly. One after another, my entries were about how unfair life is to me, how bad-lucked I am, and other bad things. I realize now that those entries may affect others’ feelings, as most of this blog readers are in the same situation as I am..

But it makes me feel touched, seeing how you people, without hesitating, have been giving me so many positive advices, which I took for granted.. I know now that I am not alone in this battle.. I have you guys not only to support me, but to lead me through this journey.. All of your warm advices, I keep close to my heart as they are felt deeply, because they come from hearts that understand.. Hearts that understand what I’ve been going through, and what I will be going through in my future days.. I realize now that I don’t give you guys enough appreciation for the things you have done for me..

I have been too self-centered, ignoring the fact that there are others who understand, and there are others who can help.. I was thinking about myself and my own feeling a little too much, that I neglected the truest thing that exists here, and that is the pure hearts who are trying to penetrate me, and give me comfort that I don’t get in the real world out there..

So, to you guys who have been helping me and giving me supports, I thank you.. Only Allah can ever repay you.. 😉



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