Ignorance Isn’t Bliss……

As it hurts me being in a position of a HIV+ person, it’s hurting me more to see that there are so many people out there, who are so ignorant of their safety that I’m afraid it will become the trigger of the biggest mistake in their lives..

I think the readers of this blog know that I’m GAY, and I have an account in a gay social networking site that refers me as a HIV+ person. Yes, I clearly state in my profile that I’m HIV+, and I purposely state it in my profile so that other people could read it, and if they are too afraid to befriend me, at least I hope the HIV statement will somehow give them a bit of REALITY check…

But today, I got a message in that site from someone who obviously didn’t read my profile, and I’m a bit shocked.. Just a bit because I honestly believe that there are a lot of gay people in that site who are not interested to get to know the person that they are going to hook up with, as long as they get what they want : SEX. I don’t blame the guy who sent me the message, because he eventually apologized after I insisted him to read my profile. Here’s a print screen of our short conversation..

(the orange squares in the message contain pictures of the person, and also some pictures of his pen*s, so I guess I should hide it, in case someone would find the pictures ‘disturbing’.) 😛

I guess if people don’t really care to take a short time in reading their sex partner(s)’s profile, they wont even have the tendency to get to know the HIV status of that person. And this kind of ignorance, is sad….

My profile is not really that long too… 😛

I just wanna say, take care people. You don’t really know who you’re going to have sex with.. And remember, when you have sex with somebody, you are actually having sex with everybody they had sex with…..


3 thoughts on “Ignorance Isn’t Bliss……

  1. salam,
    jom joint majlis komuniti 17 sept ni.
    sya cuba bantu apa2 yg patut kalau perlu berkaitan masalah ‘gangguan sebelum ‘gaji’ 🙂
    baru sekarang dpt buka kotak komen, sebelum ni tak boleh

    1. Seriusly babe… write in ur mother tounge please.. kalo aku tau ko still seeking social companionship kat unhealthy network, aku g luku kepala ko smpai ko ckp “ok..ok aku carik tempat lain!”

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